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Woodstock Masonic Housing Inc., an incorporated Company, was formed in 1989. It resulted from the efforts of a concerned group of Masons who recognized the need for affordable housing for seniors and accepted the responsibility to purchase land, design a building that would address senior living requirements and complete the construction of this facility. With financial support of the federal, provincial and municipal governments and Woodstock Masonic Lodge #11, this housing facility became a reality.  The idea for this project started in 1987 and the official opening was in June 1990. Prior to final specifications and tendering the building construction, the Masonic building committee toured various senior residents around the Province to gather information and incorporate positive suggestions and ideas into the design of the building. Once completed, and with a limited budget, tenders were called for two types of construction; a wood frame building and a brick building.  Twenty-one possible locations, all within the Town of Woodstock, were considered for the location of this building.  The property was purchased from Alvin and Irene Keenan who were very supportive of the Woodstock Masonic Lodge decision to construct a senior facility. The architect was Soucy and Ellis Ltd. from Edmundston and the construction contract was awarded to Grand Falls Milling who submitted a price that permitted the construction of a brick building.  Many local contractors were awarded sub-contracts during construction such as site preparation, plumbing, electrical, masonry, flooring, carpentry and painting.  From the time the building was opened until present, the owners have attempted to keep the property clean and maintain the building in new condition.  For example, new vinyl bay windows were installed in 2005, any concrete and wall cracks are immediately addressed, new flooring and painting has occurred over the years, a new steel roof to replace the deteriorating shingles was installed in 2009, the driveway and parking lot was repaved in 2013 and in July 2010, there was extensive work on the building to reduce the energy consumption required to maintain the building for both the owners and tenants.  This included new energy efficient exterior windows and doors, additional insulation in the ceiling, installation of an efficient heating and cooling system, new thermostats and new interior and exterior lighting fixtures. 

The project operates on revenues from resident rent payments and some financial support from government.  The building Corporation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors who receive no remuneration and are all members of Woodstock Masonic Lodge #11. 

The Board is responsible for the management of the Company and their responsibility is to ensure all financial records are in order and that decisions made are for the safety of the tenants and building maintenance. Annually, the Company financial records are audited by an accounting firm not associated with Woodstock Masonic Lodge #11 and a copy if filed with the government. Periodically, government auditors meet with the Board of Directors, who are accountable for the decisions made, to review the financial records of the Company and address any corrective actions required to ensure safety of the tenants and operating procedures are being followed.

Woodstock Masonic Housing Inc. is a non-profit Company which means that the income received from various sources must cover all operating costs, such as building maintenance, insurance, utilities of water and electricity, security services, garbage removal, lawn care, snow-plowing, safety inspections, taxes and equipment repair or replacement.  

It is not uncommon for other Provincial organizations who are considering a similar building in their local community to tour the Woodstock Masonic Senior Complex to view construction and get ideas that should be incorporated into their facility.  Woodstock Masons are extremely proud of the service being provided to seniors and the community with their housing complex.