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Common Questions

Woodstock Masons are very proud of their Senior Complex.  If you have a question, use the Contact portal on this website and a reply will be forwarded to you.

Some Answers to often asked Questions:

How long is the wait list?
The number of persons on the list can vary from a few to many.  When a person applies, they are numbered according to the date their application is received.  When a vacancy becomes available, applicants waiting the longest are contacted first.  It is not uncommon for people to indicate at that time they no longer wish to have their name on the list, they have moved out of the area or made other arrangements, the phone number on file is no longer in service, they wish to remain in their current residence and not ready to move at this time, etc.  In other words, one may go through ten names and not find an applicant ready to move at that time.

Does the Complex have Internet or Wi-Fi connection?
The facility has Bell Aliant wireless WiFi in addition to Rogers wiring. Shaw satellite service is provided for each unit as part of the monthly rent. Each tenant is responsible for selecting the service they prefer.

Is the mail delivered to the Complex?
No.  Mail service is provided at the local post office.

Is a health service available at the Complex?
No.  The Complex is a senior’s Complex, not a Nursing Home.  If a person requires health support such as a homemaker, these arrangements are made by each tenant.

Is the Complex wheelchair accessible?
The building is one floor (refer to gallery pictures).  There is no curb from the building sidewalk to the paved parking lot. All units were designed to be accessibility friendly.

This complex is for senior’s only, minimum age 60 years
You do not need to be a Mason to be considered as a resident
The Complex consists of nine one bedroom and one two bedroom units
Each unit has its own stove, refrigerator and vertical blinds for both the living room and bedroom(s)
Satellite TV receivers are supplied for each unit
Safety grab-bars are in the washroom and pull alarm systems in the bedroom and washroom in the event of the resident requiring assistance
In addition to the Complex, each unit has its own smoke detector and alarm system
The main entry door can only be opened with a key or the tenant pushes a button located in their unit to permit guests to enter the Complex
A furnished common room is available for all tenants
The laundry room has its own washer and dryer at no cost to the residents
A storage room is in each unit and the Complex has a larger storage area for all tenants. Each unit has its own air-exchange system.
The parking lot has electrical outlets for plugging your vehicle in during the winter. Power to these outlets is controlled with an electrical switch in each unit.
Lawn care, snowplowing and building maintenance is provided at no cost to the residents.
Each resident is responsible to keep the interior of their unit clean and free of fire hazard material.
Residents are not permitted to have pets. The building is a no smoking senior complex.
Two split air systems provide heat and air-conditioning to all areas of the building. The units are heated with electric thermostat controlled baseboard heaters